Marketing & Leasing

Meeting today's expectations of fully functional digital interaction, with a professional and personal touch

Corridor Property Management uses strategic marketing practices to ensure our clients' advertising dollars are spent wisely. We limit wasteful spending and focus on tracking lead sources and capitalizing on digital listings with proven success in the market.

All of our marketing and leasing strategies target increased occupancy, demand, and rental rates. Here are some examples of how we achieve this:

Online Services

Today's renters are primarily online customers, which is why we have a robust platform that allows online leasing, rental payments, contact updates, and service requests. These features allow our clients to operate outside of "standard business hours" and capture traffic that may have been missed otherwise.

Weekly Leasing Reporting

Our weekly reporting simultaneously looks at current and future vacancy exposure so that our management team is always responding to occupancy changes, both immediate needs and projections for future months. 

Professional Marketing Materials

Our team is able to quickly and inexpensively set up a professional marketing campaign for a community, including a logo, 3D floor plan images, brochures, staged photography, social media management, and web presence with targeted SEO and PPC. 

Click through the gallery below to view marketing samples.

Customer Service As A Competitive Advantage

It is important to set a community apart from its competitors. At Corridor, we do this by implementing a customer service focused approach, ensuring that we respond to all prospects and tenants quickly with a friendly and helpful attitude. Offering this superior service has allowed us to maintain high resident retention rates, closing ratios, and strong market rents.