Corridor specializes in stabilizing and turning around under-performing multifamily and student housing properties. We work hand-in-hand with the owner to develop the strategy to first stabilize the property and then turn it around. Corridor then executes that strategy and provides a weekly scoreboard of metrics and a monthly operating report so the owner can monitor progress. 

Once the property is performing as it should, Corridor can (1) continue to manage it for the owner, (2) turn the property back to the owner to manage it, or (3) help sell the property to a third party.

Here are two case studies on properties we have stabilized and then turned around.

"With an impeccable level of financial monitoring, sophisticated marketing, and a keen attention to details, Corridor set both long and short-term goals, retained hard-working and skilled staff and budgeted for improvements, while continually increasing overall value. Corridor was constantly monitoring what was best for our business. They truly cared."

-Trisha Belville, Former Assistant Property Manager at Macomb Rentals